Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™
What seems like yesterday, has now become our second tour for the national event 742 RACE.WARS USA. A tour that started by an idea from a movie has lead itself to become an anticipated event, nationwide. What started in Los Angeles, CA in the Summer of 2015 with a record attendance, then travelled to Las Vegas, NV for an event that set the standard in production, to then leaving it’s mark in Dallas, TX with an event that shook its big state, returning to Los Angeles for it’s BIG re-appearance in which many thought would never happen again. 742 RACE.WARS USA has become a lifestyle movement that will continue for years to come.

Join the production event that opens the doors for Enthusiast, Manufacturer’s, Fans and Media to a whole new style of culture. With today’s growth in branding opportunities that consist of grassroots events, social media, exposure and lead generation, is no wonder why 742 RACE.WARS USA is an event not to miss.


RWLA CLASSES (Subject to Change)

Civic 1-3
Honda Other 1-3
Acura 1-3
Korean 1-3
Toyota 1-3
Nissan 1-3
BMW 1-3
Mitsubishi 1-3
Mazda 1-3
Scion 1-3
Subaru 1-3
Lexus 1-3
Infiniti 1-3
VW 1-3
Euro Other 1-3
Ford 1-3
Chevy 1-3
Domestic Other 1-3
Bike 1-3
Truck 1-3

Best of:
Best Female
Best paint
Best wrap
Best engine bay
Best interior
Best I.C.E
Best wheels
Best air setup
Biggest Team 1-3
Best of Show

Drag Classes
Fastest NA
Fastest F/I
Fastest Time Overall
Fastest Import
Fastest Euro
Fastest Domestic
Best Reaction Time
Best Burnout

(Subject to Change)